Baron Wolfgang Von Karza

Cavalier and Governor of the Archeron Colony


Governor Karza was the leader of the seven Arch Ventures. He is also the governor of the Archeron Colony and founder of the Karza Riding school there. He is an expert equestrian, though he views horses more as useful tools than beloved pets. Always known as a serious and stern tactician, since the disbanding of the Arch Ventures it is thought Karza has become even more severe and ruthless.

Karza is almost never seen out of his signature dark armor and sinister helmet. Early portraits of Karza depict him as a pale, tall, handsome gentleman with strong cheekbones and chin. He has blue eyes and dark hair. He carries himself with an air of importance. Governor Karza lives in the governor’s mansion outside of Archeron on the grounds of the Karza Riding School.


Not much is know of the beginnings of the man known as Bullseye Buck Calloway. It is believed he was born in Sawtooth Vale in the Berickshire region of Corona around 1547. He worked as a Lumberjack from a young age until he joined the Arch Ventures in 1567 to act as a wilderness guide on their first survey of the New Frontier. On the return voyage in 1576 Bullseye Buck constructed Calloway Lodge, thought to be the first permanent structure built by Old-Worlders. Bullseye Buck was one of the founding members of the Venturists Guild and led several expeditions to the New Frontier between 1587 and 1592. Bullseye Buck made Calloway Lodge his permanent home in 1592 and lived there happily until his disappearance in 1596.

Wolfgang was the first born of five brothers and one sister into the noble house of Karza in Karzakan, Kreigw├╝rtz. The Karza family own many hundreds of acres bordered by high mountains on one side and Lake Karzakan on the other. The Karza family were (and still are) well known for horse mastery and breeding. Wolfgang grew up at home in the stable and at court. By the time he was 15 he was an accomplished rider and speaker at court, mastering issues of state well beyond his years and being well groomed to become the next Duke of Karzakan.

When Karza was 16, he joined his uncles and cousins in putting down a revolt in southern Kreigw├╝rtz. In his campaign Wolfgang proved himself time and time again to be as brave and as skilled an equestrian as any of his kin.

With most of the Old World at peace and wanting to prove himself in battle, when he was 21 Wolfgang traveled to the south to aid a group of explorers in the dark jungles of Akena. Wolfgang fought off many great beasts and savages. Wolfgang accompanied the explorers when they returned to the Old World and toured the civilized world with their exotic finds.

Karza then traveled to Corona where the Vinland-Autani Company was putting together the first major survey mission of the New Frontier. Wolfgang, being fairly well known for his expedition into Akena and being of noble blood was made the Leader of the expedition. It is from this first expedition that the Arch Ventures were born. Karza proved himself a natural leader of the group and used his expertise on horseback to save his comrades many times over.

After the death of Ryuko: The Midnight Fox, the Arch Ventures disbanded. Karza took command of the Archeron Colony and made himself the Governor. He formed the Karza Riding School and guided the once small encampment to the great prosperity and sustainability it is known for today.

Baron Wolfgang Von Karza

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