Churches of Mythras

There are three main Churches of Mythras. The differences between the churches have more to do with the proper way to worship God, rather than any real difference in beliefs. Still it is these little differences between the three that has led to many wars in the past 1200 years. Other smaller sects do exist, but most Mythaeans count themselves among one of these three groups:

Holy Jenovan Church: Hierarchical order that traces its routes back to Mythras’s army unit. The Holy Jenovan church is the largest Church in the world. The head of the church (the Pater) has the ear of God and is God’s divine voice on earth. The Main church in Mythidia, Jenova is considered the most holy church, with other churches falling in a hierarchy below it. It is the strictest of the three main Churches, and had received a lot of harsh criticism over the years for being corrupt and not true to the spirit of Mythras’ teachings. It is, however, the church that Mythras founded himself. The Nations where the majority of its citizens belong to the Holy Jenovan Church include: Jenova, Rhoanarc, Cartha, Peligos, Fyeland, and Tirpitz.

The Church of Angels: Organized by a council of Angels, The Church of Angels is a break away church that hopes to better follow the teachings of Mythras. It is the third largest church in the world. It is a loosely organized confederation of churches with no head church but a common doctrine. Each church is equal to every other church and each priest has the freedom to tailor his church’s services to fit his or her community. The Nations where the majority of its citizens belong to The Church of Angels include: Corona, Bjørnlond, and Sigundem.

The Eastern Orthodox: Traces its origin back to Mythras’s army unit. The Eastern Orthodox is the second largest church in the world. The Bishops each lead their own regional church and all the bishops are equal on a council. The word of God is relayed to each Bishop separately. Eastern Orthodox does not believe in the triune God, rather it believes in the Lord Father and Lady Mother as two separate deities and Mythras is their divine Son made flesh. The Nations where the majority of its citizens belong to The Eastern Orthodox Church include: Tulgava, Svalbaerd, Malatya, Armagon, Croixa, and Hamadan.

Churches of Mythras

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