Mythras Dogma

I believe in The Lord, the Father almighty,
creator of heaven and earth.
and in Mythras, his only Son, our Savior.
Who was conceived by the power of the Lord Father and the Holy Spirit of the Lady
born of the Gideon and Leah.
Who fought the Great Bull,
was suffered, died, and was buried.
He descended into hell.
On the third day he rose again from the dead.
He ascended into heaven
and is seated at the right hand
of God the Father Almighty.
From thence he shall come again to forge the Kingdom of the Sun.
I believe in the Holy Spirit of the Lady,
the Holy Jenovan Church,
the communion of saints,
the forgiveness of sins,
the resurrection of the body,
and the life everlasting.
–Mythraen Creed

In the beginning there was the Great Nothing and there was God, who would be both Father and Mother to all we know. God saw the Great Nothing and wished to fill it with creation. The Lord God the Father created the heavens, the stars, the sun, and gave life to this creation with fire, earthquakes, winds, and rain. The Holy Spirit of the Lady: the Mother created the land, the moon, the mountains, and gave life to this creation with tides, plants, animals, and seasons. Then God looked upon the created world and was happy.

God wished to create a people to live on this new world. The Lord God the Father created a new race of being. But this race was selfish, destructive, envious, warring, and greedy. Looking upon His creation He was disgusted and cast them all into the depths of the Abyss. This race would become the Demons. The Holy Spirit of the Lady: the Mother likewise created a new race of being. But this race was lusty, prideful, greedy, calculating, tyrannical, and treacherous. Looking upon Her creation She was repulsed and cast them into the pit of Hell. This race would become the Devils. Finally the Lord God the Father and the Holy Spirit of the Lady: the Mother worked together to create the race of men and women and set them upon the earth. Then God looked upon the created people and was happy.

However, at this time the Demons of the Abyss and the Devils of Hell, whom both had been given the power of creation, set upon the earth their own creations. These creatures found the race of men and women, who were called the Genoans, and tainted them with sinful ideas. The Genoans, for whom all things were provided by God, were forbidden to enact creation themselves. The creatures of the Abyss and Hell showed the Genoans that they had in themselves the power of creation through procreation, and the joy in it. When the Genoans began to create their own children, seeing the divine in themselves, they turned their back on God.

Without Law or God to guide them, men mated with Devils, women mated with Demons, fathers mated with daughters, sons mated with mothers, and the Genoans were thrown into a time of chaos and sin. God, saddened by the plight of the Genoans, decided to create a race of heaven to help guide the Genoans and to defend them from the creatures of the Abyss and Hell. God made them holy and they would be the power of God on earth, and they would be called the Angels. The Angels fought the creatures of the Abyss and Hell back to the outskirts of the Genoan lands and delivered unto the Genoans a set of divine laws. Under the protection of the Angels, the Genoans thrived for many years.

In the city of Azrael, so named for the great winged lord of the Angels, the Genoans had been made to worship and pay tribute to the Great Bull, an ancient evil who demanded to be worshiped as the true god. After many years of torment by the Great Bull, the Genoans began to loose their faith in God and took to worshiping the Great Bull. To save the Genoan people,
the Lord God the Father invigorated Gideon, a Parthian soldier, with his divinity. Likewise the Holy Spirit of the Lady: the Mother liberated Leah, a Genoan priestess, with her divinity. Gideon and Leah soon bore a son Mythras, who would be the Son of God, and the Savior for all people.

Mythras grew up in the city of Azrael. His childhood was filled with miracles and signs from God. As a boy Mythras was a phenomenal hunter, finding rare beasts and slaying them in the name of God. As a young man guided by God he discovered an iron ore found in river rocks in Azrael. He used this metal to forge his curved spears, the metal is still called “Mythril” in his honor day, and its discovery helped Parthia grow to great power. Some in the Genoan temples called him Savior and wished him to join the priesthood, but as a young Parthian man he joined the army. In his time in the army Mythras taught his fellow soldiers the Word of God. He showed them that there was only one true god and also explained to them the promise of salvation and eternal life. Mythras was the leader in many battles. He showed his fellow soldiers how to fight with patience, honor, loyalty, and spirit, never with wrath or hatred.

As the number of his disciples grew, the Parthian State grew fearful that he would march on the capitol. The Genoan high priests also feared that the popularity of Mythras and his teachings of the True God would anger the Great Bull. Mythras told his people not to fear him. Mythras chose to meet the Great Bull in single combat to show his people who was the true god. Mythras walked alone into the desert to fight the Great Bull. There they fought for three days. When the battle was finally over, Mythras forced the Great Bull to submit. Mythras then cut open the belly of the bull, and from its blood Mythras made the Azrael Oasis. Mythras had been mortally wounded in his fight with the Great Bull but he lived for three more days, teaching the Word of God and promising salvation and eternal life to any who chose the Path. Mythras died and was buried in a tomb. Three days after his death Mythras rose from the dead and appeared to his followers dressed in robes as bright as the sun and wearing a crown made from the horns of the Great Bull. Mythras told his disciples to keep faith in God and that he would one day return to found the Kingdom of the Sun on earth where all would live in peace and prosperity forever and ever.

Mythras Dogma

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