Old World


Alignment: LE
Capital: Jehara (56,000)
Notable Settlements: Baermaffery (12,500)
Current Ruler: King Basari
Government: Monarchy
Language: Arman, Parthian
Religion: Eastern Orthodox
New Frontier Interests: None
Currency: PP = Prides, GP = Lions, SP = Silver Cubs, CP = Cubs
Notes: Much of Armagon is mountains. The Lion is held as a near-sacred animal though it is not native to Armagon. Armagon culture is an exotic mix of Parthian art and traditions with a western style Monarchy and a language similar to Würtzen.


Alignment: CN
Capital: Vostholm (28,000)
Notable Settlements: Sigor Cor (4,700), Geist (1,600)
Current Ruler: King Ragnar
Government: Monarchy
Language: Panjørn
Religion: The Church of Angels
New Frontier Interests: Strong interests but no successful state funded voyages or settlements.
Currency: PP = Double Crowns, GP = Crowns, SP = Tiaras, CP = Circlets
Notes: Cold mountainous Bjørnlond has a strong warrior tradition and a long history of seafaring and exploration. While it is officially a monarchy most of the smaller settlements in Bjørnlond are clan ruled. The strongest warriors are often the leaders.


Alignment: NG
Capital: Ascantha (31,000)
Notable Settlements: None
Current Ruler: Council Chairman Regimond Croft
Government: Oligarchy
Language: Rhoan
Religion: Holy Jenovan Church
New Frontier Interests: Strong ties with the Vinland-Autani company have lead to many expeditions and open trade with the Archeron Colony. Cartha had a settlement 300 miles north of Archeron that had to be abandoned three years ago.
Currency: PP = Citadels, GP = Ducats, SP = Decents, CP = Cents
Notes: Cartha is a state created as part of a peace treaty between Rhoanarc and Kreigewürtz. It does not have much national character, but is completely controlled by large businesses and corporations. Most peace treaties and international conferences take place in Cartha.

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Old World

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