Religion in the New Frontier game is very important and quite different than the pagan pantheons of most Dungeons and Dragons games. Most New Frontier characters follow one of the following religions:

Mythras: Soldier and messenger of the true god, Mythras introduced the idea that religion is for everyone not just the clergy and the powerful. Most good or neutral character worship Mythras.

The Seven: The Seven are the Arch-Devils, the force of evil in the world that Mythras opposes. Most evil characters worship one or all of The Seven.

Racial Pantheons: Some of the non-human races worship there own pagan pantheons similar to traditional Dungeons and Dragons.

Jenova: The spirit of the Earth goes by many names. Druids, Rangers, and many New Frontier cultures worship Jenova in one form or another.

Many other smaller religions exist of course, but few of these actually grant divine spells and don’t last very long as a result.


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