Saints of Mythras

Saint Aiden (1426-1469)

Patronage: Civil Servants, Court Clerks, Difficult Marriages, Fathers, Lawyers, Politicians, Teachers, Scribes, Families, Bankers, Architects, Widowers, The City of Surrou,
Symbols: Arch, Lawbook, Scales, Gavel, Quill
Feast Day: June 22nd
Profile: Studied at Broken Crown and Maximillian College in Surrou. Page for the Archbishop of Ravena Court. Lawyer. Twice married, father of one son and three daughters, and a devoted family man. Writer. Friend of King Hariel VIII. Lord Chancellor of Corona, a position of power second only to the king. Opposed the king on the matter of royal divorce, and refused to swear the Oath of Supremacy which declared the king the head of the Church in Corona. Resigned the Chancellorship, and was imprisoned in the Tower of Broken Crown. Martyred for his refusal to bend his religious beliefs to the king’s political needs. Beheaded.
Favored Weapon: Maul (Warhammer)
Domains: Community, Rune, Law, Good
Saint Aiden Name Power: Zone of Truth 1/day
Saint Aiden Patron Domains: Community, Rune

Saint Alcott (462-512)

Patronage: Against Arcane Magic, Against Diseases, Against Plague, Against Poison, Teachers, The Celibate, Fever, Monks, Fishermen, Temptation, The Nation of Armagon, The City of Antedam
Symbols: Open Hand, Broken Wand, Sandal, Blue Sash, Cresting Wave
Feast Day: April 23th
Profile: Exile from the Far East traveled West to present-day Armagon. Received the word of Mythras in his travels. Started a Monastery in the remote mountains of Armagon. Taught many to improve their bodies and physical skills in reverence to Mythras. Cleansed many of poisons and diseases. Traveled the world with his teachings. Killed in his sleep while visiting Corona.
Favored Weapon: Improved Unarmed Strike
Domains: Law, Strength, Water
Saint Alcott Name Power: Gain Improved Unarmed Strike as a Bonus feat.
Saint Alcott Patron Domains: Healing, Strength

Saint Anthony (144-182)

Patronage: Knights, Armorers, Blacksmiths, Fighters, Swordsmiths, Warriors, The City of Broken Crown, The Nation of Corona, Rebellions, Soldiers, Footsoldiers
Symbols: Anvil, Dragon, Longsword, Dragon-crested Shield, The Wheel of Swords
Feast Day: August 13rd
Profile: Soldier under the Emperor of Jenova. Dragon Slayer. Slew many savage beasts in the name of Mythras. When the Emperor of Jenova (Bauraman II) ordered that all Mythraean’s should be rounded up and beheaded, Saint Anthony confessed himself to be Mythraean and spoke out publicly against the Emperor’s decision. Saint Anthony was publicly tortured on the Wheel of Swords until dead. His body was returned to his homeland and is laid to rest in Broken Crown Cathedral. Saint Anthony’s tales are well known throughout the Old Country. He is a popular saint due in large part to his chivalrous code (protecting women, fighting evil, dependence on faith and might of arms, largesse to the poor). The knights of Saint Anthony remain a powerful order to this day.
Favored Weapon: Longsword
Domains: Destruction, Nobility, War, Good
Saint Anthony Name Power: A sword in the hands of this character is considered good and magic for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction.
Saint Anthony Patron Domains: Nobility, War

Saint Beth (126-151)

Patronage: Childbirth, Parents, Mothers, Motherhood, Pregnant Women, Babies, Against Infertility, Women, Shepherds, The City of Lathem
Symbols: Mother and Child, Moon, Child’s Hand, Shepherdess, Line of Ducks
Feast Day: January 31th
Profile: Her father was a pagan priest in Tulgava. Her mother died when Beth was an infant, and the child was raised by a Mythraean woman. Her father disowned her, her nurse adopted her, and Beth converted to Mythraeism. A Jenovan prefect saw the beautiful young woman tending sheep, and tried to get her into his bed. When she refused, he denounced her as a Mythraean, and she was brought to trial. When she refused to sacrifice to the pagan gods, the authorities tried to burn her, then boil her in a large cauldron; each time her prayers kept her unharmed. She was released out of fear and spent the rest of her life caring for pregnant women and delivering children as a nurse.
Favored Weapon: Sickle
Domains: Good, Healing, Protection
Saint Beth Name Power: Can cast Bear’s Endurance 1/day on anyone but himself.
Saint Beth Patron Domains: Healing, Protection

Saint Bron (982-1056)

Patronage: Against Earthquakes, Kings, Princes, Nobles, Grooms, Arranged Marriages, Married Men, Nation of Kreigewürtz, City of Lindtblum
Symbols: Scepter, Crown, Ermine Robes, Throne, Chasm, Double Horns of Kreigewürtz
Feast Day: September 3rd
Profile: Son of Gisella of Rhoanarc and Bron the Quarrelsome, Duke of Lindtblum. Educated at the cathedral school in Neibelheim by bishop Wolfgang of Regensburg. Became Duke of Lindtblum himself in 995 upon his father’s death, which ended his thoughts of becoming a priest. Ascended to the throne of Kreigwürtz in 1002. Married Saint Cunegunda, but was never a father. Some sources claim the two lived chastely, but there is no proof of this. Both Henry and Saint Cunegunda were prayerful people, and generous to the poor. Saint Bron’s eastern kingdom was devastated by a series of earthquakes in 1014 Saint Bron traveled through the region healing the injured, rebuilding homes, and caring for his people directly. Died of natural causes.
Favored Weapon: Great Club
Domains: Earth, Glory, Nobility, Sun
Saint Bron Name Power: The character can boost his or her Charisma by 4 points once per day. Activating this power is a free action. The Charisma increase lasts 1 minute.
Saint Bron Patron Domains: Earth, Nobility

Saint Celia (1366-1389)

Patronage: The City of Castille, Animals, Horses, Equestrians, Soldiers, Captives, The Nation of Rhoanarc, Martyrs, Rape victims, Soldiers, Cavary Soldiers, Women
Symbols: Horse, Lance, Bridle, War Saddle, Woman in Armor, Morning Star.
Feast Day: September 23rd
Profile: Farmer’s Daughter. Raised alongside world-renown war horses on her farm. Fantasized about becoming a knight. From age 13 she practiced disguising herself as a boy to stay involved in her horses’ training. Disguised as a boy, Saint Celia joined the Rhoanarc army and fought for Rhoanarc’s independence. She lead the Rhoanarc Cavalry to many great victories and forwarded the art of modern horsemanship. After defeating the armies of Jenova and Kreigewürtz, Saint Celia was revealed to be a woman. After being raped are brutalized by her cavalry unit, she was burned at the stake as a heretic. Only after her death were her long-lasting contributions to the Nation of Rhoanarc, warfare, and horsemanship appreciated. She was named a Saint in 1517.
Favored Weapon: Lance
Domains: Animal, Chaos, Strength, War,
Saint Celia Name Power: +4 holy bonus to Ride checks
Saint Celia Patron Domains: Animal, War

Saint Davin (1288- 1379)

Patronage: Carpenters, Experts, Masons, Tailors, Cloth Makers, Coopers, Embroiders, Hat Makers, Jewelers, Laborers, Potters, Cobblers, Tailors, Weavers, The City of Lupinrad
Symbols: Drafting Compass, Carpenter’s Square, Sewing Needle, Shoe Nail
Feast Day: December 24th
Profile: Saint Davin was a mere apprentice to a carpenter when the Holy Spirt of The Lady came to him and inspired him to dedicate his life to God’s Work. Saint Davin became a tailor and artist and spread the Word of God through his labor. He created great works of art in fabrics, art, sculpture, and architecture, all the while incorporating his faith in his work, usually with overt and ostentatious messages and symbols. Saint Davin revolutionized clothing and art in the 14th century and helped forge the way into the cultural revolution of the 15th century. Saint Davin lived to a old age and died of natural causes.
Favored Weapon: Warhammer
Domains: Community, Artifice, Knowledge
Saint Davin Name Power: Objects crafted by the character are considered Good for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction.
Saint Davin Patron Domains: Community, Artifice

Saint Dawkins (1313-?)

Patronage: Children, Freedom, Orphans, Guilds, Boys, Runaways, Youth, Beggars, Shoe Shiners, Thieves, Messengers, The City of Josslin
Symbols: Gold Coin, Fingerless Gloves, Cloaked Child, Bag of Marbles
Feast Day: July 17th
Profile: Orphan. Raised on the mean streets of Josslin, Saint Dawkins had to beg, cheat, and steal to survive. When a Priest of Mythras gave Saint Dawkins refuge when he was being pursued by the city guard, Saint Dawkins changed his ways. Saint Dawkins brought other runaways and orphans together into a community. Together they worked to improve their common lot and served the community of Josslin as Shoe Shiners, Errand Boys, Messengers, and the like. This children’s group still exists in Josslin to this day. Saint Dawkins disappeared when he was still a young man, but his legacy is still remembered.
Favored Weapon: Dagger
Domains: Community, Liberation, Trickery
Saint Dawkins Name Power: Purify Food and Drink 3/day
Saint Dawkins Patron Domains: Liberation, Trickery

Saint Delilah (842-859)

Patronage: Maidens, Youth, Martyrs, Conflicted Brides, Sisters, The Infertile, Virgins, The Unmarried, The City of Ascantha, The City of Delilah
Symbols: Sun marked with a “D”, Red Crested Bird, Noose, Ring With an Empty Setting
Feast Day: May 15th
Profile: Saint Delilah was an extremely beautiful girl born near Ascantha, Cartha. She was sought by many and charmed men of all ages. Though she received many marriage proposals, some from nobles and rich businessmen, she turned them all down. Saint Delilah wanted to devote herself to the church. Her sister, who was not a beautiful and wanted nothing more than an advantageous marriage, was very jealous of Saint Delilah. When Saint Delilah was still only 15 years old and was preparing to enter a convent, still the object of many rich and powerful men’s affections, her sister told City Officials that she was practicing witchcraft and beguiling all the men of Ascantha with her unnatural beauty. After a lengthy trial, Saint Delilah was hanged and disemboweled (the customary way to kill a witch in Cartha) by the City before the Church could intercede. In 873 the case was retried and Saint Delilah was found innocent, fourteen years too late.
Favored Weapon: Dagger
Domains: Sun, Charm, Liberation, Good
Saint Alcott Name Power: Enthrall 1/day
Saint Alcott Patron Domains: Charm, Liberation

Saint Euell (1332-1367)

Patronage: Huntsmen, Woodsmen, Rangers, Surviving in the Wilderness, Nature, Plants, Forests, Lumberjacks, Flowers, Animals, Trappers, Furriers, Tanners, The City of San Euell, The City of Lennox
Symbols: Sassafras Leaf, Beehive, Wildcat, Felled Tree, Poison Ivy, Wild Grapes, White Crocodile
Feast Day: April 19th
Profile: Woodsmen. Naturalist. Sought a closer relationship with God by living off the land and living the simple life. Saint Euell was exiled from Corona when he spoke out against the teachings of the Arch Bishop. He Lived in wilds of Rhoanarc for many years and wrote several books about survival and finding the divine in nature. He attracted many followers who joined him in the wilderness. Many primitive churches and shrines were built in his honor. Died of unknown causes while living in the Rhoanarc Wilderness.
Favored Weapon: Battleaxe
Domains: Plant, Travel, Artifice
Saint Euell Name Power: Goodberry 1/day
Saint Euell Patron Domains: Plant, Healing

Saint Everett (789-870)

Patronage: Animals, Commoners, Against Diseases, Fathers, Healers, Birds, The City San Everett, The City of Harwich
Symbols: Man surrounded by Animals, Barn or Stable topped with the sign of the Horns, Wooden Cup, Carrier Pigeon, Donkey
Feast Day: April 3rd
Story: Born in a stable, Saint Everett has always been associated with domesticated animals and the spreading of God’s Word to the common people. He preached to the farming class all throughout Jenova and Rhoanarc, holding mass in large barns and stables. He healed the sick, cured disease in commoners, and educated the children of the lower class. Saint Everett stayed in constant contact with the church while on his journeys, sending detailed letters to the church via carrier pigeon. Saint Everett founded the Order of Everettians to bring the teaching of Mythras to the farming and lower classes in other countries around the world. Saint Everett died of natural causes and his body was laid to rest in the Grand Cathedral in Mythidia.
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff
Domains: Air, Animal, Good, Healing
Saint Everett Name Power: Gain a Druid’s Animal Companion (basic only) acting as a druid of equivalent character level.
Saint Everett Patron Domains: Animal, Healing

Saint Ginevra (1107-1136)

Patronage: Burn Victims, Gravediggers, The City of Azrael, Pilgrims, Missionaries, Orphans, Undertakers, Martyrs, Chefs, City of Enniskillian
Symbols: Shuriken, Shovel, Skull, Tombstone, Gridiron
Feast Day: August 11th
Profile: Orphaned and given to the Church to be raised as a Nun in the city of Azrael. Said to be beautiful with unusual flame-colored hair, Saint Ginevra knew from a very young age that she wanted to travel east and bring the Word of Mythras to the Pagans of the Far East. She led a group of Nuns on a pilgrimage to the east and was successful for several years. Saint Ginevra was especially shocked as to how the pagan’s did not care for the bodies of their dead. She taught them to bury the dead and to pray for the souls of the departed. She when she returned to the west she found that the Parthians had overthrown her homeland. She was quickly captured and imprisoned. The Grand Parthian gave Saint Ginevra the chance to live if only she would renounce her god and become his wife, but she refused him. Saint Ginevra was burned in a gridiron for seven days as a heretic.
Favored Weapon: Shuriken
Domains: Healing, Fire, Repose, Protection
Saint Ginevra Name Power: Protection from Energy (Fire) 1/day
Saint Ginevra Patron Domains: Protection, Repose

Saint Hesperus (986-1049)

Patronage: Sailors, Against Shipwrecks, Against Storms, Mariners, Good Weather, Fishermen, Navigators, Yachtsmen, City of Saint Hesperus
Symbols: Anchor, Ship’s Wheel, Grizzled Seamen, Ship, Monkey Puzzle Tree, Lighthouse
Feast Day: October 14th
Profile: Son of a Vicar, Hesperus knew from a young age he would be entering the church. Saint Hesperus yearned for a life on the sea, however, and sent many hours a day down by the docks watching the ships coming and going. After he finished his religious training, Saint Hesperus convinced the Arch Bishop to grant him an expedition to the far north to spread the Word of Mythras. Saint Hesperus kept a written account of his journeys through the northern islands, spreading the Word of Mythras. Saint Hesperus evoked the grace of God on several occasions to calm storms, call on favorable winds, and save those thrown overboard. Saint Hesperus had a full life on the sea spreading the Word of Mythras and died of natural causes.
Favored Weapon: Harpoon
Domains: Chaos, Travel, Water, Weather
Saint Hesperus Name Power: +2 holy bonus to wisdom and constitution checks and skills checks which use Wisdom or Constitution while at sea.
Saint Hesperus Patron Domains: Water, Weather

Saint Ichabod (1203-1289)

Patronage: Philosophers, Scholars, Academics, Knowledge, Learning, Students, Scribes, Schools, City of Paragos, City of Waterford
Symbols: Open Tome, Candle, Hourglass, Owl, Apple
Feast Day: April 29th
Profile: Founder of Ichabod College. Saint Ichabod was a student at the Academy in Etrigan where he set out to prove the existence of God. The Church caught wind of his experiments and was highly interested in his research. When Saint Ichabod’s mission brought him to the City of Azrael he was visited by a vision of the Angel Sachiel. The Angel told him that the answers he sought were atop the high peak of Paragos in Croixa. Ichabod traveled to the mountain top and there was visited by the Holy Spirit of the Lady. Saint Ichabod was so moved by the experience that he built his College just off the Mountain’s peak where it remains to this day.
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff
Domains: Knowledge, Magic, Rune
Saint Ichabod Name Power: +2 holy bonus to all Knowledge Skills.
Saint Ichabod Patron Domains: Knowledge, Rune

Saint Ignatius (98-132)

Patronage: Artists, Bards, Musicians, Bards, Painters, Music, Poets, Performers, Vocalists, The City of Lombarii, The City of Athenry
Symbols: Mandolin, Scroll, Music Stand, Easel, Grinning Man
Feast Day: June 3rd
Profile: Saint Ignatius started his career as a court poet to the then Emporor of Jenova, Cassius Alethius. The Emperor ordered Saint Ignatius to compose a great epic centered on the Emperor dualing and defeating Mythras. Saint Ignatius spent many weeks writing the play. When it came time to cast his great work Saint Ignatius found a man that so resembled Mythras and was perfect for the part. The man himself was a Mythraean in secret and schooled Saint Ignatius on the teachings of Mythras, trying to show Saint Ingatius that Mythras could not defeated by a mere emperor, for Mythras was the Son of God. When it came time to perform the play in public Cassius Alethius invited all of his senators, generals, and influential businessmen to watch. In the final act, Saint Ignatius changed the ending of the play to depict Mythras defeating the Emperor and casting him down into the pit of hell. The play caused a huge scandal, and is partially responsible for the deterioration of the empire. Saint Ignatius was publicly executed by volley of Arrows for the insult of his play.
Favored Weapon: Shortbow
Domains: Artifice, Charm, Luck
Saint Ignatius Name Power: +4 holy bonus on Perform Skill.
Saint Ignatius Patron Domains: Luck, Charm

Saint Iorick (138-175)

Patronage: Archers, Athletes, Arrowsmiths, Fighters, Fletchers, Gardeners, Guards, Iron Mongers, Masons, Warriors, Nation of Jenova, The City of Harurdine Wall, The City of Baermaffery, The City of Helios,
Symbols: Arrows, Crown, an Armored Youth, a Plumed Helmet
Feast Day: January 20th
Profile: Son of a wealthy Jenovan family. Officer in the Imperial army of Bauraman II, and captain of the Praetorian Guard in Palamacia. Favorite of The Emperor. Little is known about how Iorick came to worship Mythras. During The Emperor’s persecution of the Mythraeans, Iorick visited them in prison, bringing supplies and comfort. He performed many merciful acts, including healing the wife of a brother soldier by making the Sign of the Great Bull over her. Saint Iorick converted many soldiers and a governor. Charged as a Mythraean by the Empreror himself, Iorick was tied to a tree, shot with a volley of arrows. All of the Arrows miraculously missed Saint Iorick. His fellow soldiers, in awe of the protective might of Mythras, let him go. He wentto see the Emperor and preached to him to convert a worship the true God. The Emperor had him Arrested again and this time burned alive. Bauraman II then had Saint Iorick’s ashes spread to the four corners of the empire.
Favored Weapon: Longbow
Domains: Strength, Protection, Glory
Saint Iorick Name Power: Entropic Shield 1/day
Saint Iorick Patron Domains: Protection, Glory

Saint Juilliard (1549-?)

Patronage: Travelers, Pilgrims, Missionaries, Missions, Converts, Diplomats, Barbarians, City of Delmar
Symbols: Seven-Pointed Mast, Eagle, Jeweler’s Eyepiece, Blue Crocodile, Globe
Feast Day: March 26th
Profile: Trained at Ravena Court to be a missionary. Saint Juilliard grew up learning about the discoveries in the West and dreamed of traveling to the New Frontier. He had a furvor and a might in the way he spoke; a passion reflected in his Patron Saint, Delilah. On the Arch Ventures second survey of the New Frontier, Saint Juilliard joined the group and traveled with them for many months. In the winter while the Arch Ventures were settled in Calloway Lodge, Saint Juilliard left the group to live among the primitive peoples of the New Frontier. Not much is known of what happened to Saint Juilliard past that point, but when the Arch Ventures returned to the area where Saint Juilliard disappeared a year later, the native people could all speak Coron and all were worshipers of Mythras. The Native people told the Arch Ventures that Saint Juilliard continued west to bring Mythras to the pagan peoples of the interior. Whether he lives or is dead remains a mystery.
Favored Weapon: Net
Domains: Knowledge, Good, Travel, Healing
Saint Julliard Name Power: Tongues 1/day
Saint Julliard Patron Domains: Knowledge, Travel

Saint Malachi (682-740)

Patronage: Hermits, Hoboes, The Homeless, The Poor, Hangovers, Beggars, Brewers, Herbalists, Dwarves, City of Salmacia,
Symbols: Tricorn, Loaf of Bread, Dwarven Waraxe, Horned Helmet, Wooden Bowl
Feast Day: November 3rd
Profile: Oldest of 15 children in a prosperous middle class family. Educated by his uncle, a Mythraean priest. Following his uncle’s death, he tried to join several Monastic orders, but was rejected by them all. Spent years wandering the Countryside, especially Jenova, in complete poverty, spending his days in perpetual adoration in the cathedrals. He begged in the streets, and if he was given more than he needed for the day, he would give the remainder to some one he considered more in need than he was. Cured some of his fellow homeless, and reported to have multiplied bread for them. Noted counselor to people of all walks in Jenova. He died in a hospice, exhausted from his life of austerity. His biography, written by his confessor Marconi, describes 136 miraculous cures attributed to him within three months of his death.
Favored Weapon: Dwarven Waraxe
Domains: Protection, Strength, Earth, Fire
Saint Malachi Name Power: Gain Great Fortitude as a Bonus feat.
Saint Malachi Patron Domains: Earth, Strength

Saint Rosalind (364-389)

Patronage: Martyrs, Women Warriors, Working Women, Fencers, The City of Rabinastre, Maidens, Virgins, Warriors, Strategists
Symbols: Rapier wreathed in Roses, Rose, Wheel, Dove, Red Veil
Feast Day: February 8th
Profile: Daughter of the Rabinastre Governor. Saint Rosalind is best known for helping to recapture the holy land. While Saint Rosalind was on pilgrimage to Azrael, her father’s mansion was attacked by Parthian insurgents and the territory was lost. All the able-bodied men of the territory were either slain or imprisoned and the women were forced to serve the new Parthian governor. Saint Rosalind secretly gathered the women together, trained them in fencing and together they killing the Parthian leadership. Saint Rosalind went on to teach many more women to fence and fight, eventually leading Jenovan forces to retake the holy land. When it was revealed that this Jenovan hero was a Mythraean, the Emperor of Jenova ordered her to be publicly tortured on the breaking wheel. When Saint Rosalind touched the wheel, it fell apart into pieces. She was then beheaded.
Favored Weapon: Rapier
Domains: Good, Knowledge, Protection, Community
Saint Rosalind Name Power: Gain Weapon Finesse as a Bonus feat.
Saint Rosalind Patron Domains: Protection, Community

Saint Sawyer (1129-1148)

Patronage: Thieves, Locksmiths, Linguists, Halflings, Writers, Games of Chance, Gambling, Boat Pilots, Pirates, Against Lung Ailments, Against Coughing, The City of Flouchester, Nation of Fyeland
Symbols: Padlock, Quill, Straw Hat, Frog, Silver Key, Dice
Feast Day: November 15th
Profile: Saint Sawyer started off as a thief and gambler, cheating his way through life, but still a devout Mythraean. While escaping an especially bad situation in Lennox, Saint Sawyer teamed up with a missionary priest on a makeshift raft. The missionary did not speak Coron, but by chance Saint Sawyer knew his language. Together they traveled through the countryside of Corona, all the while Saint Sawyer kept a detailed account. Saint Sawyer ended up giving his life to save the missionary priest, but his journal went on to be a popular published book. The Thief and the Missionary became an important symbol of faith in Corona and remains one of the central themes in Mythraean religion in Corona.
Favored Weapon: Dagger
Domains: Knowledge, Luck, Trickery, Travel
Saint Sawyer Name Power: Shield Other 1/day.
Saint Sawyer Patron Domains: Trickery, Travel

Saint Thoras (1278-1336)

Patronage: Miners, Death, Fathers, Lawyers, Judges, Kidnap Victims, Slaves, Dwarves, Jurors
Symbols: Pickaxe, Mine Entrance, Broken Chains, Shackles, Tombstone
Feast Day: July 7th
Profile: Lawyer, Judge. Became heavily involved in a case of missing people. He found out the kidnap victims were being forced to work in a remote mine. When Saint Thoras came close to discovering the mine’s location, the kidnappers sealed the mine entrance with the kidnapped slaves still inside. By the time Saint Thoras found the mine most of the people inside were dead. Saint Thoras dug them all out, and dug graves for all those that had died. Saint Thoras dedicated the rest of his life putting an end to slavery, and giving proper burials to victims. Later in his life his own son was kidnapped by a slavery ring. Saint Thoras died destroying the slave fortress where his son had been taken.
Favored Weapon: Pick
Domains: Repose, Darkness, Earth, Liberation
Saint Thoras Name Power: +20 holy bonus to break bonds holding someone against their will (open lock, breaking down a door, break chains, bend prison bars, etc.)
Saint Thoras Patron Domains: Repose, Liberation

Saint Tyrius (77-137)

Patronage: The Blind, Sculptors, Artists, Torture Victims, Glass Workers, Glass Blowers, Prisoners, Potters, Metal Workers, Craftsmen, City of Anteclese, City of Glasglory.
Symbols: Glass Bell, Blinded Man, Iron Tongs, Iron Coffin, Glass Sign of the Horns,
Feast Day: December 3rd
Profile: Famous Artist and Craftsmen, best known for his sculptures in blown glass and bronze. Though he had been raised as a pagan, he was visited by the Holy Spirit of the Lady and was converted on the spot. Most of his great works contain hidden Mythraean symbols. When the Jenovan Emperor (Cassius Alethius) discovered that Saint Tyrius was a secret Mythraean sympathizer, he has Saint Tyrius imprisoned and blinded with hot pokers. Though blinded, Saint Tyrius went on to great the Glass Bells of Anteclese, one of the greatest works of art in the world. The Jenovan Empire kept him alive creating great works of art for many years until he was publicly executed by being placed in an iron coffin filled with hot coals.
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff
Domains: Artifice, Darkness, Fire
Saint Tyrius Name Power: +4 holy bonus to all Craft Skills
Saint Tyrius Patron Domains: Artifice, Darkness

Saint Vernon (1452-1501)

Patronage: Explorers, Bachelors, Bookbinders, Exiles, Doctors, Lawyers, Lightning, Refugees, Sorcerer, The City of Northern Lights
Symbols: Balloon, Basket, Lightning Bolt, Globe, Wand,
Feast Day: May 31st
Profile: Inventor, Explorer, and Sorcerer. Saint Vernon is best known for making a balloon craft and flying around the world. A bombastic orator, Saint Vernon spoke out vehemently against the Arch Bishop of Ravena Court, publicly embarrassing him on many occasions. The Arch Bishop exiled Saint Vernon, but Saint Vernon used the opportunity to build his balloon craft for a grand tour of the world, spreading the Word of Mythras and gathering arcane knowledge. Saint Vernon wrote several books about his travels and is greatly responsible for spreading the Word of Mythras to the far south and far east.
Favored Weapon: Javelin
Domains: Magic, Air, Travel
Saint Vernon Name Power: Feather Fall 1/day
Saint Vernon Patron Domains: Travel, Magic

Saint Viola (256-275)

Patronage: Teenagers, Lovers, Girls, Youth, Love, Martyrs, Architects, Brass Workers, Masons, Loss of Parents, Abductees, The City of Viola, The City of Violcia
Symbols: Spiked Chain, Tower, Envelope, Palm, Chalice, Ciborium
Feast Day: October 29th
Profile: As a girl in her early teens, Saint Viola fell in love with a Parthian boy from a Pagan family she had met while on pilgrimage to Azrael. Her father, Xioscurus, was the head of a wealthy aristocratic family. Her parents loved her for her beauty, intelligence and modesty. When Xioscurus discovered the love affair with the Parthian boy, he shut Saint Viola in a tower in order to keep the two apart. Saint Viola was only able to contact her love in letters. The two young lovers wrote to each other constantly, and Saint Viola was able to convert her lover to Mythras over time. Saint Viola’s lover was able to convince his family to attack the tower Saint Viola was forced to live in, in order to free her. Saint Viola was taken from her tower and spirited away back to the Parthian Homeland. The incident nearly started a war as Jenovan forces threatened to invade Parthia to get Saint Viola back. The Parthians tried to force Saint Viola to renounce her heritage and religion, but she refused. The Parthians, enraged, flogged Saint Viola with spiked chains until dead. Seeing the horror he had caused, Saint Viola’s lover took his own life.
Favored Weapon: Spiked Chain
Domains: Trickery, Charm, Chaos, Rune
Saint Viola Name Power: Character ages at 1/2 normal rate.
Saint Viola Patron Domains: Charm, Rune

Saint Wojas (1070-1130)

Patronage: Farmers, Butchers, Chefs, Drought Relief, Harvests, Innkeepers, Millers, Rain, Shepherds, Vineyards
Symbols: Plow, Millstone, Shaft of Wheat, Spring, Calf, Kukri Knife
Feast Day: November 12th
Profile: Pius farmer. He was often accused by fellow workers of shirking his duties by attending Mass each day, taking time out for prayers, etc.. Saint Wojas claimed he had no choice but to follow the highest Master. One tale says that when his master came in the morning to chastise him for skipping work for church, he found angels plowing the fields in place of Saint Wojas. We was able to call favor from Mythras to call rain when needed, and insure a bountiful harvest. Miracles and cures reported at his grave, in which his body remains incorruptible.
Favored Weapon: Kukri
Domains: Plant, Weather, Sun
Saint Wojas Name Power: Speak With Plants 1/day
Saint Wojas Patron Domains: Plant, Weather


Azrael (The Winged Avenger)

Symbol: Red Spear, Winged Angel
Favored Weapon: Spear
Domains: Celestial, War
Azrael Name Power: True Strike 1/day
Azrael Patron Domain: War

Joliah (The Shadow)

Symbol: Marble Sphere, Angel’s Shadow
Favored Weapon: Flail
Domains: Celestial, Darkness
Joliah Name Power: Darkvision 1/day
Joliah Patron Domain: Darkness

Lochiel (The Rapture)

Symbol: Hourglass, Chained Angel
Favored Weapon: Spiked Chain
Domains: Celestial, Pleasure
Lochiel Name Power: Daze 3/day
Lochiel Patron Domain: Pleasure

Matariel (The Sword Bearer)

Symbol: White Sword, Armored Angel
Favored Weapon: Great Sword
Domains: Celestial, Creation
Materiel Name Power: Weapons crafted by this character are Good and Magic for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction.
Materiel Patron Domain: Creation

Metatron (The Flame)

Symbol: Lantern, Fire-Wreathed Angel
Favored Weapon: Mourning Star
Domains: Celestial, Fire
Metatron Name Power: Continual Flame 1/day
Metatron Patron Domain: Fire

Ramiel (The Patient One)

Symbol: Eight-Sided Gemstone, Crystal Angel
Favored Weapon: Warhammer
Domains: Celestial, Mind
Ramiel Name Power: Shatter 1/day
Ramiel Patron Domain: Mind

Sachiel (The Shield Archon)

Symbol: White Shield, Shielded Angel
Favored Weapon: Shield
Domains: Celestial, Protection
Sachiel Name Power: Shield of Faith 1/day
Sachiel Patron Domain: Protection

Taquiel (The Great Eye)

Symbol: Winged Eye, Many-Eyed Angel
Favored Weapon: Longbow
Domains: Celestial, Knowledge
Taquiel Name Power: Uncanny Dodge (as Rogue)
Taquiel Patron Domain: Knowledge

Uriel (The Devil Hunter)

Symbol: White Gauntlet, Gauzed Angel
Favored Weapon: Glaive
Domains: Celestial, Strength
Uriel Name Power: Protection from Evil 1/day
Uriel Patron Domain: Strength


Granted Power: You gain the supernatural ability to smite evil once per day as a Paladin of equal level. You must declare the smite before making the attack, and the attempt is wasted if the target is not evil.

Celestial Domain Spells
1. Vision of Heaven*
2. Consecrate
3. Blessed Sight*
4. Lesser Planar Ally
5. Heavenly Lightning*
6. Call Faithful Servants*
7. Heavenly Lightning Storm*
8. Holy Aura
9. Gate

  • These spells are detailed in the New Spells section.
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