"Bullseye" Buck Calloway

Huntsman, Woodsman, Trail Guide, Famous Outdoorsman.


Bullseye Buck is one of the seven Arch Ventures. He is an expert huntsman, woodsman, marksman, outdoorsman, boatsman, and craftsman. Some would call him a mountain man, though he favors the low wooded terrains near rivers. Bullseye Buck was never the kind of man you would see at court and in fact he was never comfortable in the cities of the Old World. Little is known about this most reclusive of Arch Ventures beyond what is presented here.

Bullseye Buck has greying straw colored hair and blue eyes. His skin is tanned and weathered from a life outdoors. He is often depicted wearing a raccoon skin hat and a bear fur cloak. Stories depict him as quiet and independent, but loyal and heroic. He was last seen paddling his Kayak north up the Calloway River six years ago.


Not much is know of the beginnings of the man known as Bullseye Buck Calloway. It is believed he was born in Sawtooth Vale in the Berickshire region of Corona around 1547. He worked as a Lumberjack from a young age until he joined the Arch Ventures in 1567 to act as a wilderness guide on their first survey of the New Frontier. On the return voyage in 1576 Bullseye Buck constructed Calloway Lodge, thought to be the first permanent structure built by Old-Worlders. Bullseye Buck was one of the founding members of the Venturists Guild and led several expeditions to the New Frontier between 1587 and 1592. Bullseye Buck made Calloway Lodge his permanent home in 1592 and lived there happily until his disappearance in 1596.

"Bullseye" Buck Calloway

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